Mittwoch, 5. September 2001

Big Toys (not only) for Boys

Shining Children’s Eyes!

Böblingen, Germany became the home of the largest space ship for children in the world, which was built there between March and June 2008.

Different Futures conceived, designed and planned the outer shell and environment.

"Second Solar - a ship on the way to the distant planet Gliese 581 in a solar system 20.5 light years far away from Earth. Explorers hope to find an inhabitable atmosphere there. Second Solar is equipped with a giant engine that supplies the necessary power, a thermal shell to protect the crew from low temperatures, and landing runners that offer solid traction on all surfaces. Work is underway in the Second Solar hangar. The next journey is just moments away. The warp drive has to be prepared, sensor repairs have to be completed and the navigators discuss gravitational slingshot maneuvers.”

The story, design, plans and construction were all developed and completed in only three months.

Spaceship for the discovery of new inhabitable solar systems

36m length, 15m height, 14m width, 850m2 interior area on three levels
Outer shell around 2000m2, of which 1000 m2 are CNC-milled
Planning and construction time: 3.5 months